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Removeable Kennel Pet Nest

Removeable Kennel Pet Nest

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The Removeable Kennel Pet Nest is a cozy and comfortable sleeping space for pets, especially designed for the winter season. Here's a summary of its features and specifications:


High-Quality Filled Cotton: Utilizes high-quality filled cotton that is warm, breathable, healthy, antibacterial, soft, and lightweight. The filling is free of impurities, fluffy, and has high resilience.

Crystal Velvet Fabric: The fabric used is crystal velvet, which is soft, skin-friendly, and has a smooth texture.

Precise Workmanship: The pet nest is made with precise workmanship, featuring one-piece molding. The nest and pad are separated, ensuring full filling, resistance to deformation, and durability.


  • Material: PP cotton
  • Type: Suitable for both Dogs and Cats
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash

This pet nest is designed to provide a warm and comfortable space for pets to rest, particularly during the colder months. The use of quality materials such as high-quality filled cotton and crystal velvet fabric suggests a focus on the comfort and well-being of pets. Additionally, the separation of the nest and pad, along with precise workmanship, indicates durability and resilience.

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