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Premium Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

Premium Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat

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The Premium Non-Slip Cat Litter Mat by Niubya is designed to enhance cleanliness around your cat's litter box. Here are some features and details about the product:


  1. Medium Size: The mat is 30 by 40 cm, providing enough space for your cat and effectively trapping litter.
  2. Creative Upgrade: Cross deep grooves catch larger litter granules, while the mesh captures smaller granules and dust. This makes it easy to collect displaced litter particles.
  3. Water-Proof and Non-Slip Design: The upgraded design prevents urine from soaking through to your floors, and the non-slip feature keeps the mat in a stable place.
  4. Gentle and Safe on Paws: Made of super soft material, the mat is comfortable for your cat to step on, ensuring a gentle experience for their paws.
  5. Easy to Clean: Shake off, vacuum, or soap up and rinse down for convenient cleaning.

Additional Information:

  • Color: Navy
  • Package: 1 x Cat Litter Mat

The mat not only contributes to cleanliness but also prioritizes the comfort of your feline friend. It's designed to minimize tracking, making it easier for cat owners to maintain a tidy living space. I

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